Swiss logistics project "Cargo Sous Terrain"

Cargo Sous Terrain is a public limited company headquartered in Basle and established with the aim of creating an underground tunnel system in Switzerland. This innovative, sustainable logistics system meets the market's needs with state-of-the-art automated technology. Important industry representatives hold shares in the PLC and actively cooperate on solution concepts.

It is financed entirely by the private sector. Through Gotthard 3 Mechatronic Solutions AG, ANTRIMON Group AG is part of this most visionary project and invests from Switzerland for Switzerland.

In CST, Switzerland can obtain an automated, digitally controlled complete logistics system by 2045 that will benefit the competitiveness of industry and the quality of life in the long-term. It will relieve roads and railways and provide for pinpoint and on-time delivery through hubs in all towns and cities. The first sub-section of the tunnel system will connect the logistic hub Härkingen-Niederbipp with Zurich from 2030. The network will extend from Geneva to St. Gallen and from Basle to Lucerne, with a supplementary branch from Berne to Thun and, once complete, will serve more than 80 hubs for the loading and unloading of goods.

In its meeting on 28 October 2020, the Federal Council approved the dispatch on the Federal Act on Underground Freight Transport (UGüTG) for the attention of the Federal Assembly. This brings implementation a major step closer. This law regulates the planning, construction and operation of an underground freight logistics infrastructure. From the point of view of CST, it is necessary to define more precisely the corridors for the underground line management and the spaces for possible hub locations in the sectoral plan of the Confederation. 

Such an infrastructure of this order of magnitude needs corresponding resources. Initial projects are IP protection (patents, etc.), energy management, vehicles and mechatronics. ANTRIMON is heavily involved in all of these areas. The project has already started in the energy management area.

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