Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

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Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) describes the ability of devices and systems to work sufficiently well in an electromagnetic environment and to emit electromagnetic disturbances only to the extent that the functions of other devices and systems are not significantly affected. The EMC of all the components in a machine or installation is an indispensable prerequisite for its operability.

The advantages of EMC analyses to accompany development are obvious

Absolute safety is required long before the successful market launch (market maturity) to ensure that all EMC requirements are fulfilled. It is worthwhile taking EMC requirements into consideration right from the very beginning, i.e. to check them in good time during the development phase in order to remedy any potential EMC problems at an early stage:

  • Optimisation of the EMC behaviour during the measurement (online debugging)
  • The EMC behaviour of different modules/components can be matched to one another
  • Measurements can be carried out more flexibly
  • New procedures that are not yet standardised can already be used (for example, time domain measurement methods)
  • Significantly easier certification of the finished product
  • Passing the certification test at the first attempt


Consequential costs are thus eliminated in the certification tests, since deviations from the standard can already be taken into account in the development phase and fixed.

External versus internal EMC measurements

Outsourcing measurements to an external EMC laboratory is especially interesting for smaller companies or companies without their own EMC know-how, as they can save the high acquisition costs for the measurement equipment. However, they must be aware that they are completely dependent on an external service provider during all phases of product development.

The performance of in-house measurements is an alternative, especially for larger companies. In addition to the certification measurement in their own EMC laboratory, independence from an external service provider is an advantage here. However, this approach requires a high level of expertise and experience in addition to considerable personnel and financial expenditure.

Alternative test strategy

A middle course are in-house EMC measurements during the development phase, in preparation for the acceptance measurement in the external laboratory. Although this approach requires EMC knowledge, if this is available, it is a good compromise between cost and personnel expenditure. In addition, the dependence on an external service provider is only reduced to the final phase of product development.

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