Drive technology laboratory

ANTRIMON Group AG possesses a modern and outstandingly well-equipped drive technology laboratory with the latest test benches as well as various items of equipment for conducting tests and analyses of all kinds in the field of mechatronics. We can use this laboratory to support you in the development phase and to optimise the system solution.



  • Application-specific life cycle measurements and tests
  • Rotation speed and torque measurements
  • Detailed analyses for application-specific problems
  • Accompanying tests for compliance testing (UL, CE)

Is it advisable to check a new development or a redesign in the laboratory or can this edition be saved safely? Opinions differ on this question! On the other hand, it is undisputed that a neutral control body can better assess risks and thus avoid unpredictable costs. Find out in our article how you can easily rule out the cost shock.


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Salvatore Coroniti
Salvatore Coroniti
Head of Sales Motion Products


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