Our guiding principle ...
Leading supplier of innovative mechatronic systems from a single source     

We are the specialist and full-range supplier for mechatronic system projects, from the idea to the sold product. As an innovative, strategic and long-term partner, we offer you professional services for innovation, industrial design, project management, development, engineering, testing and production. We are the leading supplier in Switzerland in the drive technology sector up to 1000 Watts, and in electronic manufacturing, subassembly manufacturing and the manufacture of complete systems. As your design partner, we know what it takes to turn ideas and needs into a valuable looking, intuitively operable product. In the project management & innovation services area, we analyse the maturity of your product and the project environment and define goal-oriented strategies and recommendations for action in order to improve added value and efficiency. If need be, we accompany the implementation and anchoring of your project. Be it products, services or processes, short or long-term, incremental or disruptive – with us you can advance your innovation pipeline. A corporate culture aligned to innovation, accountability for the future, environmental consciousness and motivation guarantees the top quality of our work.

Company …
Everything we do revolves around the customer

We are a highly capable, reliable and competent partner for our customers, suppliers and staff. The self-dependent, entrepreneurial and innovative thinking and acting of our motivated employees are at the centre of our efforts to offer our customers a holistic solution and to successfully fulfil your needs and requirements.

Employees …
Our employees are our capital

We respect each and every employee and maintain staff relations on the basis of a flat hierarchy characterised by mutual appreciation. Thanks to being on first-name terms we encounter one another at eye level. Each employee is jointly responsible for the overall success. We expect dedicated, competent employees, in return for which we create attractive boundary conditions, support continuous further training and strive for business excellence. A good work-life balance is important to us.

Economic efficiency …    
Efficient processes secure our competitiveness    

Each employee actively contributes to the economic success of our company and is goal and performance-oriented. Through continually improved processes, our procedures are always up to date. We invest above-average sums in future markets so that we can ensure our competitiveness in an increasingly international business. We use and safeguard all of our resources and expertise so as to be able to implement flexible and comprehensive solutions for our customers

Quality …    
High-quality services and products    

Many years of customer relations and experience in the industry are a guarantee for our permanently increasing know-how in development and production. We always offer our customers high-quality services and products. We achieve our high competence thanks to all of our employees, who contribute their ideas and opinions in a flexible and agile manner and thus ensure continual improvement.

ANTRIMON AG endeavours to protect both human health and natural resources.

For this reason, it is important to ANTRIMON to pay close attention to the topic of the environment. We are a member of Swiss cleantech and adhere to their policy.

  • We constantly aim to reduce any potentially harmful effects that may occur to the environment as a result of our activities
  • We actively communicate our dedication to the protection of the environment to our employees, suppliers and guests.
  • We ensure that we have the knowledge, capability and equipment to enable us to perform our work in a safe and environmentally-friendly manner
  • We undertake to adhere to all applicable environmental laws and regulations

We perform the following specific measures to minimise any harmful influences caused by our business activities:

  • We ensure that the circular economy is maintained in our daily engineering activity.
  • We use the waste heat from our neighbour's production to heat the building. This brings double savings. On the one hand we gain heat for our building, while on the other our neighbour does not need additional energy to cool down the production machines.
  • Business trips are made using public transport wherever possible.
  • Service field vehicles must comply with the two highest energy classes. We use electric vehicles
  • Heat preservation by closed blinds during the night and at weekends
  • Careful waste separation. We recycle paper, plastic, glass and biodegradable waste
  • Hazardous waste is disposed of by certified disposal companies
  • Re-use of packaging material and use of reusable packaging
  • Collective transport where possible
  • Documents are only printed when electronic use of the document in question is not sufficient.
  • We have installed movement sensors in all rooms, so that the lighting is only used when someone is actually present
  • We only use biologically degradable cleaning agents as well as recycled toilet rolls and office paper

Self-responsibility in environmental protection is and must remain an integral part of our daily work. Each and every one of us must fulfil his or her role and responsibility to implement this policy.

Our guiding principle ...

Leading provider of innovative mechatronic systems from one source

We are the specialist and full-service provider for everything related to mechatronic system projects, from the idea to the product sold. As an innovative, strategic and long-term partner, we offer professional services for innovation, industrial design, project management, development, engineering, testing and production.



We bring our customers forward and help them succeed. Hence our slogan: moving forward