Information about the coronavirus

Health and safety first!


Home office starting on January 18 2021 again - but we are still available for you!

In accordance with the latest federal requirements, ANTRIMON will also be in a home office with immediate effect.

Our top priority is to continue to offer you the service you are accustomed to and at the same time to guarantee the health and safety of our employees at all times. Thanks to our advanced digitalisation as well as the flexibility of each employee, it is possible for our teams to meet this requirement and carry out all orders in perfect quality.

The ANTRIMON Corona staff constantly monitors the current and constantly changing situation and implements further measures if necessary. In order not to lose social contacts at work and to promote cohesion despite the great distance, ANTRIMON organises virtual coffee breaks or events.

The few remaining employees at the respective locations are instructed to work in individual offices and to wear masks at all times.

The coming period will not be easy for anyone, but in order to manage the pandemic, we are all required to work together as best we can and to follow the rules. Difficult situations show us what each of us is capable of, make us grow and lead to innovative solutions. Let's tackle the challenge together - let's set a good example.  

We are here for you, we support you!

Stay healthy.




Contribution from 16.10.2020

Influence of the coronavirus 

The situation in Switzerland is unfortunately coming to a head again. The number of cases is increasing and there is no sign of the FOPH relaxing its policy. On the contrary, further drastic measures are being reintroduced.

Our customers and partners are acting accordingly. International travel remains difficult. Some of the things that have been postponed must be made up again at a fast pace. Planning remains increasingly difficult. Some areas are therefore overburdened, others massively underemployed.

Our employees behave in an exemplary manner in accordance with the FOPH guidelines and we react immediately with special measures in the event of possible dangers. In this way we contribute with expertise and proportionality to prevent a second wave of pandemics as far as possible. 

However, the COVID 19 pandemic is increasingly challenging us and our employees are doing everything in their power to continue to offer our customers the best possible service. This is a major challenge given the declining order situation and many uncertainties.

The ANTRIMON COVID-19 task force under the leadership of our Head of HR Fredy Amrein still meets regularly and acts and reacts according to the constantly changing situations. In particular, the status of our supply chains is checked daily.

We will continue to do so, but are preparing ourselves for a difficult situation that will continue for a long time to come.

Thank you for your understanding

Friendly greetings
Stefan Schimon



Contribution from 18.05.2020

ANTRIMON - How we protect ourselves further

Fortunately, the situation in Switzerland has calmed down somewhat and some easing of the situation has been initiated by the FOPH. 
At ANTRIMON Group AG we are glad that we have no employees who have been infected with COVID-19 so far.

In order to get closer to the normal working day, we are now introducing a 50/50 ratio between home office and office presence. This will ensure that our employees are still protected but our offices are slowly being filled with life again.

We have made our employees aware of the new measures taken by the FOPH and appealed to them to take personal responsibility so that we can prevent a second wave of pandemics. So far this has worked perfectly, and we are proud of it.

Stay healthy.




Contribution from 19.03.2020

The coronavirus and the pandemic are already very widespread in Switzerland and now affect every company. From our neighbouring countries we are seeing how this can develop and how quickly it is spreading.
The ANTRIMON Group AG takes the situation very seriously and has taken all necessary precautions to protect its employees as best as possible.
Our employees have all been instructed and know how to behave internally and externally according to the precautionary measures of the BAG.

We hereby inform you that various measures have been taken at ANTRIMON Group AG in production and offices.
For those employees for whom it is possible, home offices have been arranged and the distances between the workstations have been extended to a maximum.
Our business can thus be maintained and we are still available to you at any time.

Deliveries can be expected on time and our engineering activities remain professionally available.
We are in close contact with our suppliers, but fortunately we have not had any delays so far, partly because we currently have a high local stock.

Should this situation change, we will inform you immediately on our website and keep you up to date.
Unfortunately, physical contact is not possible in the near future, but we will be happy to receive your concerns and inquiries at any time by phone at +41 58 330 26 00 or by e-mail

It is a great challenge which will come to all of us in the coming months.
We would like to thank you, our customers, suppliers and employees for your great commitment, solidarity and loyalty during this difficult time.

We can only overcome such a crisis together. By taking care of each other, by supporting each other and by complying with the FOPH's guidelines.
We are sure that this will strengthen our community!

Stay healthy.

The management of the ANTRIMON Group AG


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