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Cargo Sous Terrain is about bringing goods from A to B. The transport vehicles communicate with each other.
Cargo sous terrain is a sustainable, automated overall logistics system enabling the flexible underground transport of pallets and containers for packages, general cargo and bulk materials including intermediate storage. Tunnels connect production and logistics locations to conurbations. In the city, Cargo sous terrain, together with its partners, distributes the transported materials onto environmentally compatible vehicles, thus making a contribution to disposal. The completion of the entire implementation is planned by 2030.

Mechatronics is an engineering science that builds on the classic fields of mechanics, electronics and computer science and links them together in an interdisciplinary fashion. There is a visible trend away from purely mechanical and purely electronic products towards mechatronic systems.

The integration of different disciplines is constantly increasing and becoming more entangled. Mechatronic systems are becoming increasingly compact and small. They are penetrating into micro technology and are increasingly being put to use in all areas, for example in industrial automation, medical technology, the graphic arts industry, conveyor technology, food industry, robotics and many more.

The term drive technology means the technical discipline that deals in general with technical and technological systems for the generation of movements by means of power transmission.

Although drive technology is based on the word drive, it should be taken to be independent of the type of drive. The discipline is not limited to a power source, but also deals with the supply of the respective application/machine/apparatus with power and the control or switching of various drive elements.

Furthermore, drive technology means the realisation of complex motion sequences as tasks and can thus be part of the mechatronics or mechatronic systems within projects.

Control technology is at home in the world of automation, but at the same time it is also an engineering science. It deals with the control procedures occurring within drive technology.

The targeted influencing of physical and chemical (or other) variables in a system is called a technical control process. Even under the influence of disturbances, the controlled variables are either to be kept as constant as possible (fixed value control) or to be influenced such that they change in a predetermined way over time (sequence control).

Control means measuring the variable to be influenced (the controlled variable) in the controlled system and continuously comparing it with the desired value (set point). In accordance with the difference (control deviation), the controller determines a control value that influences the controlled variable in such a way that the deviation is minimised and the controlled variable adopts the desired temporal behaviour despite the presence of disturbance variables.

Industrial design is not just about styling, but rather a solution process that decisively influences the perception of your customer. User-friendliness and the efficient use of the available space are at the forefront of our efforts and contribute towards optimising your expenditure.

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