Software development

High-quality software is the basis for the high level of availability that is increasingly required of current systems. Our development process focusses very strongly on quality and maintainability right from the initial phase of the project. Testing and validation processes that are included in every phase ensure that this focus is always maintained, even when under considerable time pressure. Our development team will not only accompany you with the development of high-quality products and solutions, but will also support you where needed in all phases of the product life cycle. Our own insistence on robust and maintainable software forms the basis for a long product life and high customer satisfaction.

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Our software developers can draw on many years of experience in the development of control systems. The systems involved range from simple sensors and actuators right up to highly complex control systems that make use of a multitude of different field and network communication systems. In building technology, in particular, we are able to draw on a wealth of experience in the conception and implementation of complex BACnet systems.

  • Conception and design of process control and building control systems
  • Creation of graphical user interfaces
  • Implementation of field bus communication in industrial automation technology (Profibus, Profinet, CAN, CANOpen, Powerlink and many more)

We can assist you with the control and regulation of your mechatronic products. At your request, our development team can provide you with either partial support in individual project phases or support you with the complete conception of your machine controller. Our self-imposed insistence on high-quality software helps you to keep the cost of any modifications needed during the product life cycle as low as possible.

  • Conception and development of your controller on different microprocessors
  • Development of real-time systems for highly accurate activation of critical process parameters
  • Implementation of customised requirements on individual platforms
  • Concept for functional safety in accordance with EN 61508 standard specifications

ANTRIMON Engineering AG develops configuration and analysis tools specifically tailored to meet your needs.

  • Analysis tool for specific customer needs
  • Network analyser for proprietary and standardised communication protocols over a wide variety of interfaces
  • Configuration tools for embedded devices
  • App programming for tablets and smartphones

Individual programming of measurement, control and automation solutions with National Instruments LabVIEW and associated tool kits. Our software developers possess many years of experience in the engineering and testing of challenging software projects with a high level of reliability.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Development of measuring and test benches for industrial applications
  • Automatic testing equipment for the dynamic testing of materials and components
  • Performance and consultation for software tests
  • Programming and documentation in accordance with NI- standards