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From the idea to the finished series product

Industrial design is one of our core competences. In order to do justice to the versatility and the wide-ranging development process, we have a broad know-how. In the field of medical devices, we received the Red Dot Awardfor our outstanding design, exceptional functionality and quality:Product Design 2018.

As your partner for product and industrial design we accompany you on the way from the concept to the market launch.

The basis is a concept that optimally combines your requirements with those of the market and the users. Based on this, we design solutions that are progressively detailed in terms of ergonomics, usability, identity, user experience and aesthetics, and that are developed into a finished product.

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As the design team of the ANTRIMON Group, we create user-centered, context-oriented and sustainable product designs. Taking the needs of the users as our basis, we make use of rapid visualisation techniques and prototypes to create a variety of  design concepts. These range from simple scribbles, sketches and cardboard models right up to photo-realistic 3D  visualisations and prototypes up to a scale of 1:1.

In addition to classic product design, we develop a user- friendly human machine interface for your product. The drafted HMI concepts are tested and optimised in cooperation with users with the aid of storyboards and wire frames. Rapid visualisation techniques and prototypes are essential tools for this purpose. Thanks to the holistic orientation of the ANTRIMON Group, the transition to electronic and software development can be performed in-house.

When developing products, our design team constantly strives to craft their form as ergonomically as possible. This involves analysing the product as a whole with regard to its user- friendliness and optimally con?guring individual functions and methods of interaction. The preparation of use cases, the  collection of user data and the fabrication of 1:1 prototypes  are key processes for determining the optimal form.

Our design team constantly strives to break free of existing patterns of thought in order to come up with new and exceptional solution approaches. Alongside a fresh and  inquisitive spirit, we use various creativity techniques and  design methods throughout the entire design development process. These include user shadowing, empathy maps, inter-views, mood boards, business model canvases, brainstorming, mock-up prototyping, user tests, etc.

A conscious approach to design has become indispensable for businesses operating in the modern world. Our design team  provides a consistent and recognisable design language and  corporate design for your product and service portfolio. Along-side the products themselves, every point of contact between customers and the business must be creatively coordinated, and processes must be consciously designed for simplicity. In addition to various visualisation techniques, we work with storyboards and service blueprints here too.

In order to be able to share and discuss thoughts, ideas and  concepts with other people, we make use of a wide range of visualisation techniques and prototyping procedures. The method of presentation is selected in accordance with the project phase and requirements. In the early phases of the  project we make, for example, use off: simple scribbles, sketches, hands-on-prototypes, post-it walls or mood boards. Interesting product concepts are reproduced in 3D-CAD, after which photo-realistic images, 3D animations or prototypes can be created.