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From development to production


Test & technology laboratory


Industrial Design



We offer every service in relation to mechatronics

We provide a comprehensive range of services in the field of mechatronics. Thanks to our comprehensive range of services we can support your project in every phase. We will be glad to offer our comprehensive and competent advice any time. Whether you want us to accompany your project step by step from feasibility testing through to series production, refer faulty applications to us for problem evaluation, or would just like us to implement your specification document: Your mechatronic issues are in the best hands with us.

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Product development

For ANTRIMON Group AG, renewal or innovation doesn't just mean the elaboration of new, creative ideas, but even also their implementation in usable and useful mechatronic products that successfully penetrate the market. Our interdisciplinary team uses various creativity techniques at the start of the development process in order to be able to develop the broadest possible field of solutions. Experienced specialists in industrialisation guide the project to a successful market introduction. A comprehensively equipped experimental and test laboratory supports the entire development process.

  • Requirements management
  • Black box analysis
  • System limits analysis
  • Function analysis
  • Corporate notebook
  • Morphological analysis
  • Value analysis
  • Design review
  • Serviceability
  • FMEA
  • Simulation
  • TRIZ
  • Development of formed components
  • Polymer potting


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Industrial Design

Industrial Design

User-oriented product design that combines ultra-modern technologies with intuitive and manufacture-optimised design. By taking a creative approach to our work, we generate space for new and convincing products.

Our design team was honored with the 2018 Product Design Award for high-quality design of an eye care device as part of the world's most important design competition, the Red Dot Award. The product scored highly in the high-caliber jury due to its outstanding design, exceptional functionality and quality.

Creating and designing

  • Design as a problem solving process
  • Concept development for products and HMI
  • Context-oriented design of products (manufacturing processes, material, cost, corporate design, sustainability)

Research and experience

  • User analyses and user tests
  • Serviceability, usability
  • Market and competitor analysis

Showing and sharing

  • Visualisations (2D and 3D)
  • Prototyping

Linking and developing further

  • Integrated approach to problems
  • Interdisciplinary competences and network (design and engineering)

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Dominique Burkard

Head of Industrial Design

Project & innovation management

A consistently aligned and systematic project and innovation management (PIM) is THE central success factor in every company. With our "PIM" business unit we bring precisely this knowledge and know-how to our customers. Our specialists handle highly complex mechatronic system projects in sub-areas and also act as comprehensive solution providers from the idea to the successful product – everything from a single source.

With a wealth of experience gained from countless innovation projects, ANTRIMON offers support in all processes. The business unit works with state-of-the-art instruments and, for example, has brought a medical device for eye treatment up to readiness to market within the shortest time.

Contact us – we analyse your situation and define goal-oriented strategies and recommendations for action.

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Patric Könner

Project Director - Project Management Office

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Implementation of drive technology

There is always considerable potential for optimisation at the interface between the motor and its link to the system.
By intelligently integrating the drive system into the application, it is possible to realise enormous benefits.These include cost savings, increased power efficiency, smaller overall size, fewer components, ease of assembly, servicing friendliness and a longer service life.

  • Drive system design that takes account of the environment and other requirements
  • Development of mechatronic systems
  • Analytical optimisation and system analyses
  • Development of custom combination gearboxes (with special reductions, interfaces etc.)
  • Manufacture, assembly, testing and commissioning of prototypes
  • Feasibility tests and studies concerning drive system concepts
  • Preliminary studies concerning requirements and functional specification document definitions

 Send us your enquiry. We would be pleased to advise you and prepare a non-binding quotation.


We work according to ISO 13485 standard


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Development of motion control

ANTRIMON Group AG develops your electronics specifically for your application. From preparation of the functional specification document and prototype verifications through to serial production – we offer you every service.

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 Motion Control Plattform

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Electronics development

Complex switching functions are fulfilled by reliable and fault-resistant electronic circuits. Special emphasis is placed on electromagnetic compatibility. Our decades of experience feed directly into this aspect. A highly structured approach to software development ensures the smooth and reliable operation of mechatronic products. Our comprehensive and detailed documentation provides for many years of easy maintenance.

Our engineers cover a broad range of electronics development for mechatronic products. Customised requirements are individually implemented with our know-how and ultra-modern development tools. We consider our areas of expertise to include:

  • Drive and control technology
  • Simulation and software prototyping of measurement, control and drive solutions
  • Development of hardware and software for safety-critical applications
  • Consultation on hardware and software tests
  • EMC-compliant PCB design and consultation on EMC problems
  • Field bus communication in industrial automation technology
  • Development of switching power supply units, power electronics and rechargeable battery packs
  • Analogue circuit technology
  • Programming, testing and certification of ##embedded## and DSP applications
  • Windows and LabVIEW programming for test benches

Sturdy hardware is the basis for every successful mechatronic product. The services we offer range from concept development to the fabrication of the fully documented series product. We consider our areas of expertise to be:

  • Hardware development in accordance with IEC 61508 or ISO 13849 for functional safety
  • Motor electronics for DC, BLDC and PMSM drives
  • Development of switching power supply units, power electronics and measurement electronics
  • Protective circuits for Li-ion batteries (lithium-ion batteries)
  • EMC-compliant PCB design and consultation on problem solving
  • Test concept development
  • Rapid and cost-effective prototype fabrication in-house

Software development

High-quality software is the basis for the high level of availability that is increasingly required of current systems. Our development process focusses very strongly on quality and maintainability right from the initial phase of the project. Testing and validation processes that are included in every phase ensure that this focus is always maintained, even when under considerable time pressure. Our development team will not only accompany you with the development of high-quality products and solutions, but will also support you where needed in all phases of the product life cycle. Our own insistence on robust and maintainable software forms the basis for a long product life and high customer satisfaction.

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Laboratory and standard tests

The wide-ranging and comprehensive laboratory infrastructure of ANTRIMON Group AG supports the entire development process from concept to industrialisation. Unorthodox test requirements can be implemented swiftly thanks to our interdisciplinary team and our in-house testing workshop.

In the area of environmental simulation we offer several procedures. The wide variety of investigative methods at our disposal allows us to get to the root of the causes of functional and material problems.

Regular calibration of our measuring equipment ensures a high level of reliability for our tests.

Certified to ISO 9001, we ensure that all of the processes used in this divsion are in accordance with the highest quality requirements.

Here you will find the overview flyer about our extensive laboratory services.

Further information

Dr. Harry Zscheeg

Head of Test & Technology

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Drive technology laboratory

ANTRIMON Group AG possesses a modern and outstandingly well-equipped drive technology laboratory with the latest test benches as well as various items of equipment for conducting tests and analyses of all kinds in the field of mechatronics. We can use this laboratory to support you in the development phase and to optimise the system solution.

  • Application-specific life cycle measurements and tests
  • Checking under temperature and climate conditions
  • Rotation speed and torque measurements for the acquisition of engine characteristics etc.
  • Detailed analyses for application-specific problems
  • Function tests that take into account the load profile and environmental conditions
  • Accompanying tests for compliance testing (UL, CE)
  • Simulations of commissioning
  • EMC analysis
    • Pre-compliance measurements
    • Field-based and conductor-based measurements of electronic devices and motors
    • Development-accompanying EMC-measurements

Send us your enquiry. We would be pleased to discuss your measurement requirements with you.


We work according to ISO 13485 standard

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Sub-assembly production

ANTRIMON Group AG can bring enormous productivity advantages for your assembly production. We combine electronics with mechanics and deliver your functional sub-assembly to you. Our highly qualified team procures, assembles and packages your unit to your specifications with the utmost accuracy. We give you more time for your core competency. We are your partner in the field of mechanical and electromechanical components and complex customised assemblies; this includes the administration of procurement and supply chain management. We can support you in with this throughout the entire life cycle of the product.

  • Development of complete assemblies
  • Mechanical assemblies
  • Drive units
  • Partial and complete assembly
  • Assembly of individual parts
  • Fast and flexible production of prototypes
  • Integration of printed circuit boards
  • Cable manufacturing, wiring
  • Verification and functional tests
  • Preparation of documentation and operating instructions
  • Customer site integration – just in time
  • Warehousing and distribution logistics
  • Packaging and box moving
  • Delivery to end customers

Have we aroused your interest? Send us your requirements. We would be pleased provide you with a non-binding quotation tailored to your needs.

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EMS services

Customer-specific printed circuit boards are populated cost-efficiently with a reliable process in the Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) Department at ANTRIMON Group AG. We offer the efficient and high-quality processing of printed circuit boards populated on both sides with SMD and THT components – not only for small and medium series, but also for prototypes, which we can deliver as express jobs within 24 hours if necessary.

Flexible, fast, inexpensive – and in top quality at that!

  • SMD and THT population
  • LED population
  • 3D-MID population
  • Cost-optimised manufacturing in Slovakia
  • Prototypes to large series
  • From 01005 to 80 × 80 mm
  • Lead-free and leaded wave soldering
  • Selective soldering
  • AOI for SMD/THT-populated assemblies
  • Verification, ICT, FCT
  • Painting, casting
  • MSD-compliant component storage
  • Material logistics (Traceability)
  • After-Sales Service
  • Final packaging, special labelling, Box Moving

If desired, we can manufacture large series and assemblies with a high THT or manual work portion as well as complete devices at our joint-venture partner in Slovakia.

Conversion or retrofit of the electronics of your plant? With RETROFIT our experienced electronics engineers offer you an attractive alternative at favourable rates.

Send us your enquiry. We will be glad to furnish you with a non-binding quotation.

How can I reduce my costs through optimal design?
Information about our materials management can be found in the EMS area

Mario Corrieri

Head of Assembling

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Cable manufacture

ANTRIMON Group AG develops and manufactures your custom cables. We have complete control of the complicated cable assembly process.

  • Detailed consultation in advance
  • Custom cable development
  • Standard cables, special cables
  • Cable harnesses
  • Small, medium and large series
  • Production partners in Europe and the Far East
  • Preparation of parts lists and technical drawings

Are you interested? Simply send us your enquiry. We would be pleased to prepare for you a non-binding quotation for your specific requirements.

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Product training

Do you have specific training requirements? At your request, we are able to offer you fully comprehensive product training at your site or on our premises:

  • Commissioning of drive systems
  • Bus connections
  • Parametrisation
  • and much more

Do not hesitate – get in contact with us!

We work according to ISO 13485 standard